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Volume Control + Pro 1.44

Discussion in 'General Mobile Discussion' started by Ahsaaan, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Ahsaaan

    Ahsaaan Senior Member

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    Volume Control+ Pro is improved version of
    Volume Control+ with additional features and Ad-
    Volume Control+ is a volume control app that
    changing control types and colors.
    Three kinds of control types
    - Volume dial : Feeling of analog device
    Buttons : Precise control
    Seek bars(sliders) : Quick and easy
    ※ If you want to know the total volume in dial
    control mode, turn your device into horizontal
    Volume control
    - Media, Ring, Notifications, In-call, alarm, system
    Mute and unmute
    Vibratemode setting(ring and notification)
    Change ringermodes
    - Normal, Vibrate, Silent
    Change colors
    - Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Vanilla, Ice blue,
    System settings
    - Change ringtone
    - Use incoming call volume for notifications
  2. Akram Naaz

    Akram Naaz BuL..BuL Staff Member

    بہت پیاری شیئرنگ کی ھے
    بہت شکریہ شیئر کرنے کا
  3. *Ameer*

    *Ameer* Senior Member

    واہ کیاکمال کی شیرنگ کی ہے


    مزید انتظار رہےگا​
  4. sahil_jaan

    sahil_jaan Guest

    زبردست احسان بھائی والیم کنٹرول کے لییے بہت عمدہ سافٹوئیر شئیر کیا ہے

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