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Add Text to Photos - Type Text on Pictures and Share with Friends

Discussion in 'Android APPS' started by rabiaanum, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. rabiaanum

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    Add Text to Photos top photo editor to write text using multiple fonts, add stickers, design frames and emoticons to your photos/Images using android app.

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    Now you can decorate your photos with beautiful emoticons, stickers and attractive backgrounds using add text to photos android app. Image editor and writing on images was never so easy before this application. This app take your photos into the next level of era with attractive designs, colorful texts, multiple fonts, background frames designs, emoticons and many other designing features.

    To celebrate 14 August Independence Day of Pakistan you can add Pakistan National flag on your face and share with your friends. Pakistan National flag stickers and frames are added to set Pakistani flag frames as backgrounds. Put Pakistan flag on your face and celebrate Independence Day.
    If you are searching for a simple way of writing text on photos, then you can use this best photo editor application free without any hassle.

    Caption on pictures using text editor with beautiful fonts and colors.

    Select a photo from your gallery or you can take selfie photos using camera option and add text and designs on photos.

    Change color of text messages using color picker to add your favorite color on text.
    You can make birthday cards with text on top with beautiful stickers and backgrounds to celebrate your birthdays in new way.

    After adding all text and design features you can save the pictures on your gallery or can send it to your friends and family members using multiple platform sharing options.
    This will be the best android application for Text over Photos.

    Writing text on photos was never so easy until this application which gives you flexibility to adjust your text anywhere in the frame. You can use quotes on pictures using its keyboard.

    Create funny meme using funny images from gallery or template.

    Features of Add text on Photos Application

    ★ Multiple fonts for English language
    ★ Attractive backgrounds as templates
    ★ Add multiple stickers with available stickers option
    ★ Add multiple images from gallery
    ★ Add Images using Camera to add text on pictures
    ★ Text color changer with multiple color picker option similar to snap-chat
    ★ Adjust Text anywhere on photos with zoom in and out text size
    ★ Rotate resize and flip text over 360 degree
    ★ Designed photos are saved in the gallery with separate folder
    ★ Share photos on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, Whatsapp, Gmail,Messenger

    Application Advantages

    ♡ Create Posts for social media like Facebook and Twitter
    ♡ Use designed images for Advertisement
    ♡ Best Photo editing application for android
    ♡ Designing valentine’s day cards

    What you can do with this application?
    1- Create Quranic verses and hadith posts for Islamic events
    3- Generate Poetry posts
    4- Make Funny posts
    5- Craft Eid greeting cards
    6- Signature maker
    7- Create beautiful Wallpapers
    8- Make designs for Ads campaign and advertisement
    9- Shape Love letters for your girlfriends.
    10- Compose Invitation cards using different designs
    11- Produce Quotes of the day and share on daily basis
    12- Decorate Valentine Day Cards for 14 February.

    How to use Add Text to Photos:

    - Tap on screen to enter text using keyboard:
    - Change fonts from the given multiple fonts.
    - Change text color using color picker
    - Select a picture as Background from Gallery or use camera to take selfie pictures.
    - Add frames from beautiful templates
    - Put Stickers and adjust anywhere on pictures
    - Select background from available templates
    - Drag and zoom in out your text on the image wherever you want to add text.

    You can save the image/pictures or share it on social app like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

    Up Coming Features
    Fonts for writing Urdu text Arabic text and Persian عربی، فارسی، اردو
    Multi-text and lines for Urdu English and other languages

    Please, rate us five stars if you like our App! (★ ★ ★ ★ ★)
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