How to Get Beautiful Eye Lashes

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    Every woman craves to get lustrous lashes, because these fabulous fringes on your eyes helps you get noticed. Here are some tips:
    1. Applying olive oil/petroleum jelly/vitamin-E oil to your lashes helps them grow. Before you sleep, oil your lashes and let it stay on them overnight and notice change in the length of your lashes in weeks.
    2. For a dramatic look, use an eyelash curler. Be gentle while clamping the tool, without hurting yourself.
    3. Use a volumising mascara for the lashes. This surely is a temporary yet quick fix to fake long lashes. Make sure you brush off the magic wand such that it reaches every corner of the lash, and gives you maximum coverage.
    4. Use a lash comb to brush your lashes. This helps give you a defined look and also removes clumped mascara if any. Make sure you use a clean brush after every mascara application.
    5. Woman nowadays are in love with lash serum. This clear liquid, which when applied to your lashes, helps them grow healthier. Lash serum generally contains peptides, an ingredient that stimulates hair growth. And if worn before you apply mascara, it helps provide voluminous lashes.


    Thanks for nice sharing.........
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    ہمارے ساتھ شئیر کرنے کا شکریہ

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