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    Your hands reflect your personality. With the soft touch of your hands you can win the hearts of many. People notice your hands and guess your age. By a little effort and spending a little time you can achieve the beautiful and soft hands. A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands performed in home or in saloons. Manicures usually involve soaking the hands, applying hand lotion, filing and shaping the nails, nail edges and applying nail polish. There are also special manicures, like French manicures. In ancient times as about 5000 years ago just henna is used for hands beauty and care.But with the advancement of cosmetic and fashion industry many techniques and cosmetics are available.
    Here are some tips for manicure without spending a penny in saloons:

    Firstly to trim your nails according to your finger length, Shape up the nails, “”squalor” not quite square and not quite oval is good option. Ensure the length of all nails equal after filing the nails.
    Take the bowl of warm water, soak the hands in it. A cream, oil or chemical cuticle remover can be applied to remove cuticles. The cuticles are pushed back with a cuticle pusher or with orange stick. Metal cuticle pushers can be used, but they may damage the fingernail. It is best to use orange wood as cuticle pushers.
    Exfoliate the dead skin with gentle scrubbing.
    Moisturize your hands with suitable moisturizing lotion.
    Wipe the extra lotion with soft tissue papers.
    After each wash or applying moisturizer pat your hands gently.
    Buff your own nails with a good buffer. Buffing removes ridges and creates a high shine that clear polish tries to defense the texture.
    If you have dry cuticles, keep cuticle oil with you at all times. Cuticle oils tend to be more effective than creams.
    Now Polish the fingernails with a polishing board (or nail buffer). A polishing board has a soft foam layer with a polishing surface on it.
    Apply nail polish according to the trends. Most professionals apply at least one layer of transparent nail polish but if you want to apply colored nail polish, use at least three layers. Start with a base coat. Then put on the color coat. Finish with a top coat.

    Transparent nail polish can be used in place of a base coat and top coat.


    Thanks for nice sharing.........
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